Listening for Music

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Chord Rotator v2!
I’ve been upgrading the audio engine under the Chord Rotator app. I think this version is a lot better (far less latency!) and cleaner (dig the new UI!). This version dropped the “follow” pitch shifter in favor of three “real” rotators. The un-effected signal can be mixed via the Mix Balance knob. The three rotators … Continue reading "Chord Rotator v2!"

Listening for Music! And other things
Up until right now, I’ve been rather quiet about all my ventures. I have tended to talk to music people about music, software people about s0ftware but rarely crossed those paths. In my life, those paths converge and diverge on a daily basis. So why not write about it? It could be interesting to those … Continue reading "Listening for Music! And other things"

Sharing Parts with Musicians
From my experience, sharing parts (primarily PDFs) with musicians is tedious. Sure, you can simply generate PDFs from your notation software, attach them to an email and move on. Or sync them to Dropbox. Or send them via one of those FTP-like services (perhaps YouSendIt). The challenge for me has always been how to keep … Continue reading "Sharing Parts with Musicians"

Backup Basic for Musicians
Ho hum. Backup? What, me worry?The challenge we all face is that the computer hard drive is the most unreliable piece of hardware there is. Sure, SSDs are about to change that but still there is a gamble with storing your precious music in digital form. Heck, there’s a gamble when storing in any medium: … Continue reading "Backup Basic for Musicians" Overview
Here’s how it all works together lets composers/musicians store their scores and parts in the “Cloud” (aka a secure web server using state of the art technology) and share them effortlessly with others. The simplest way to share parts with musicians in your ensembles is via the apps we’ve developed for iOS and Android. … Continue reading " Overview"

Copyist. is launching soon!
This is exciting! is launching soon! Please visit us at to check out the latest developments!I started this project because I was frustrated with the existing ways to share music (primarily PDFs) with musicians. Previously, it’s been a chaotic, manual chore to deal with e-mail attachment, Dropbox and FTP-like services.It was bad enough just … Continue reading "Copyist. is launching soon!"

Time It Is
We’ve recorded a new CD and are preparing for its release in November, 2014! I’m so proud of this new record. It was an incredible experience to make this music with David Cooper, Tim Whalen, Mark Urness and Ernie Adams. They all played with so much heart and intelligence. I hope you enjoy this music … Continue reading "Time It Is"

The Scale Syllabus App ships!
I’ve been quite busy of late. One of the things I’ve been working on are several more apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. The Scale Syllabus app is designed to assist improvising musicians learn their scales and work on applying them over chords. It is a complete study assistant where you can see, … Continue reading "The Scale Syllabus App ships!"

DronePlayer for iOS releases!
I’m very happy to announce the release of DronePlayer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! DronePlayer is a fun, interactive practice assistant for improvising musicians. Playing over extended tonalities is a great way to develop your ears as well as your musical ideas. Long, sustained tones are generally known as drones. Drones have proven themselves … Continue reading "DronePlayer for iOS releases!"

Odd-meter improvisation
Trumpeter David Cooper’s blog is really great. Even I, a lowly saxophonist, have enjoyed browsing his musings about trumpet and music. He recently wrote an article about how to approach odd-meter tunes. Since he played on my CD Carswell, he was kind enough to include some propers about that. You can read it here: … Continue reading "Odd-meter improvisation"