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The taxman cometh...

The Scale Syllabus App ships!

DronePlayer for iOS releases!

Odd-meter improvisation

Nice press for Carswell

Apr 23 and 24 at Magnus (Madison, WI) gig retrospective

OW Oshkosh residency

Carswell Songbook now available online

Carswell is up on iTunes - get yours now!

Carswell is up on CDBaby - get yours now!

Hyde Park Jazz Festival 2009 MP3s

Hyde Park Jazz Festival - Sat, Feb 26th, 3:30pm


Carswell is ready. Soon to be released!

Photos from Aspect Jazz recording session in Aug, 2008

Tom Gullion Quintet - live in Madison, Wed Aug 20

Aspects in the studio

Futureproof - Tom Gullion Quartet

Uptown - Freedomfest 2008

Pure Essence - Freedomfest 2008

Right On Time - Freedomfest 2008

Mellowing from FreedomFest 2008

Youtube's effect on jazz education

FreedomFest 2008

Even Music Education is struggling

music biz 101++

doubly popular Conn players

Bitonal Concepts in Jazz Improvisation (edition 2007)

ISIM Conference Dec 14-16, 2007

Upstream Jazz Quartet - Moon Over Brussels

Driftless Jazz Festival 2007 - Pure Essence

Driftless Jazz Festival 2007 - You Don't Know What Love Is

Driftless Jazz Festival 2007 - Marea Negra

Chicago jazz video excerpt

Reverse blogging

jazz torrent

Practice, practice, practice

finding your own music

Moonless Night Ballad

a little help?

Nicholas Barron video (with a Tom Gullion cameo)

the quiet ending of an era

Jazz (tm)

Driftless Jazz Festival 2007 pics

Driftless Jazz Festival 2007

jazz ed at Northwestern

Ernie Adams Worldtet at the Velvet Lounge

Project Fourthstream video on YouTube

Larry Price Quartet

artisanal economics

the impact of online media options

the spirit of the moment

Unexpected learning about live music

Essential Practices for Jazz


on traveling overseas

Influential books

Bitonal Concepts in Jazz


Is jazz relevant anymore?

reviving my blog

Benefits of transcribing solos

Great Jazz Writing on the Web

creating meaning

IAJE judging forms

recorded music is a commodity

listening for music

Blog Migration
I finally spent a few minutes and migrated this blog into a database and not hosted elsewhere. There's still some cleanup to do in the earlier posts so please forgive a few broken links and images. As time permits, I'll try to fix things up. Beyond that I hope to get back to blogging with more regularity. Again. This time for real! :-)