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Scale Assistant launches!
Another app to make your practicing more fun! This time for wood-shedding your scales. I start every practice session with scales. Done right, it is the perfect warmup and a great way to stay in shape. I find scale practice to be a nice combination of habit and challenge. The habit part is great for … Continue reading "Scale Assistant launches!"

Scalar for macOS launches!
I’m proud and pleased to announce Scalar’s availability as a native macOS app! A bit of cross-platform magic and voila! I’ll be rolling out new features to all platforms (iOS, macOS and Android) from now on. I hope you join me on this journey and have some fun practicing!

Basic ear training with Scalar
The initial versions of Scalar were clearly designed for advanced students and professionals. With the latest update, we added basic triads. Ok, we probably should have started with these but…well…sometimes you just excited a write the advanced features first. It’s more fun! Anyway, to work with just triads press on Ear Training or Practice buttons. … Continue reading "Basic ear training with Scalar"

Scalar Tips and Tricks
There are two options available in Scalar which can make your workouts more fun. Play Scale configures Scalar to just play the chords and not play the scale “answer” as part of the ear training exercise. This frees you up to just improvise within the scale as you like. I often found myself just blowing … Continue reading "Scalar Tips and Tricks"

Scalar for Android!
I got a lot of requests to bring Scalar (the ear training app for creative musicians) to Android. I am so happy to announce that it is now available on the Google Play store: Scalar for Android. It is almost at feature parity with the iOS version. Interactive scale syllabus, David Baker’s famous ear training … Continue reading "Scalar for Android!"

iPad support for Scalar and JazzEars
Sure, you could just installed the iPhone version on your shiny, new iPad…but that’s not as much fun as having full support for iPad. So, with a few tweaks to the custom layout code we use – viola! Scalar and JazzEars are now universal iOS apps. We also added some usability improvements while we were … Continue reading "iPad support for Scalar and JazzEars"

JazzEars app updates
Jazz Ears is designed to assist with ear training for improvising musicians. This app lets you interact with chords and scales in unique ways. Dual Chord Mode places two chords next to one another. This approach can be very helpful in navigating between chords. In some cases you might focus on the common tones between … Continue reading "JazzEars app updates"

Scalar relaunches as an ear training app!
A few years ago I released Scale Syllabus, an app for browsing scales. It was one of the first apps I ever wrote. Pat Harbison, professor at Indiana University and long-time friend, suggested I release an app using David Baker’s famous ear training exercises. Excellent idea! And an excellent reason to bring Scale Syllabus into … Continue reading "Scalar relaunches as an ear training app!"

Chord Rotator v2!
I’ve been upgrading the audio engine under the Chord Rotator app. I think this version is a lot better (far less latency!) and cleaner (dig the new UI!). This version dropped the “follow” pitch shifter in favor of three “real” rotators. The un-effected signal can be mixed via the Mix Balance knob. The three rotators … Continue reading "Chord Rotator v2!"

Listening for Music! And other things
Up until right now, I’ve been rather quiet about all my ventures. I have tended to talk to music people about music, software people about s0ftware but rarely crossed those paths. In my life, those paths converge and diverge on a daily basis. So why not write about it? It could be interesting to those … Continue reading "Listening for Music! And other things"